Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.90 Nerfs Irelia and Azir Deck, Boosts Taliyah and Malphite

The digital collectible card game finally drops the hammer on one of the most powerful decks in the competitive scene.


Getting coached by Rank 1 America’s ladder (at the time of recording) our friend Darkodius! Patch 2.8 (pre-nerfs) – Everyone follow Darkodius on Twitter: https://twitter.com/darkodius
Pre 2.9 “Nerf” Deck Code (in video):

INTRO 0:00
GAME 1 0:10
GAME 2 5:13
GAME 3 7:33
GAME 4 18:39
GAME 5 24:41
GAME 6 31:40
GAME 7 41:14
GAME 8 50:27
‘ENDING 58:01

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10 New Decks for Guardians of the Ancient Expansion | Legends of Runeterra Decks (LoR)

These are all new experimental decks to play after the new Shurima Guardians of the Ancient set. Some of them can be used to climb to the Legends of Runeterra master rank.

0:00 Intro
1:09 1-Irelia Azir
3:33 2-Daybreak stunlock
5:40 3-Chirean Burn
8:02 4-Zilien Goes Hard
9:45 5-Countdown Thralls
12:05 6-Fiora Shurima
14:28 7-Renekton go Face
15:58 8-Lebonk Sivir
17:50 9-Targon’s peak
22:24 10-Yasuo Malphite

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Taliyah Malphite: New landmarks, same Taliyah | Legends of Runeterra LoR

Legends of Runeterra Ranked deck: Taliyah Malphite
Decklist: https://lor.mobalytics.gg/decks/c2a1moesk9klrdi92cbg
Champions: Taliyah, Malphite
Regions: Targon, Shurima

Intro 0:00
Match 1 v. Irelia Azir 3:00
Match 2 v. Azir Darius 9:40
Match 3 v. Braum Vladimir Sejuani 13:21
Match 4 v. Garen 21:04
Match 5 v. Irelia Azir 29:18
Conclusion 33:32

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The BEST Deck to play with the Newly Buffed Champions (Taliyah & Malphite)

Malphite Taliyah Landmarks Midrange

Decklist: https://lor.mobalytics.gg/decks/c2rssp8fojvdju103bjg
Played on patch 2.9.0

00:00 Rant
04:34 Game 1 (Mono Azir)
10:30 Game 2 (Azir & Irelia)
14:53 Game 3 (Elites)
18:37 Game 4 (Azir & Irelia)
24:53 Game 5 (Teemo & Ezreal)
32:00 Game 6 (Ashe & Sejuani)
38:40 Game 7 (Spiders)

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Credit to VanQProductions for the intro!