NCAA Player Reveals New Logo That Doesn’t Look At All Like Guerrilla Games’, Not One Bit

College quarterback Graham Mertz’ new logo bears a striking resemblance to Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games’ insignia and various other trademarks.

Horizon Zero Dawn Review – Guerrilla’s Crowning Achievement (PS4 Pro)

Sony and Guerrilla Games have an incredible new IP on their hands. Horizon: Zero Dawn for PS4 is destined to be remembered as one of this generation’s greatest. Watch our full review! All gameplay captured on a PS4 Pro.

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School Teaches 3-Years-Old Girls To KiII Their BuIIies

An academy called Prescott Academy trains little girls into becoming assassins. The chief of the organization, Hardman brings them in as young as ten months old to teach them everything about life, without guidance from outside media. Little girls of the Prescott Academy are trained to be killing machines.

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A Sane & Reasonable Video About Avatar: The Way of Water

New year, new questionable motives

00:00 – First Off
2:37 – The Hatedom
3:43 – Eywa’s Silliest Soldiers
12:55 – Jake, Stakes & Worldbuilding
20:11 – Characters
25:29 – The RDA
31:12 – Tulkun & The Ending
35:08 – I Don’t Know What Themes Are
38:30 – Filler
43:00 – How It Be

Tom Adamo Coaching Carousel Dynasty #1 | NCAA 14 Mod

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In this video we continue the legacy of Tom Adamo, former legendary UGF FB, NFL Hall of Famer, and Super Bowl winner. Tom begins his coaching career in NCAA football 14 as an offensive coordinator. This coaching carousel dynasty is my first series in the new College Football Revamped mod. Let’s have some fun!

#MakeFullBacksGreatAgain #NCAA14 #CFBRevamped

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Coach Creation
2:03 – Dynasty Setup
3:11 – Team selection
4:20 – Contract Signing
4:45 – Coach upgrades
5:10 – Meet the team
7:50 – Depth Charts
8:20 – Team Schedule
9:30 – Game vs UCF
16:20 – Halftime
18:20 – 4th QTR
20:25 – Statistics
21:05 – Manscaped
22:06 – Thanks for watching ya legends



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