Persona 5 Mobile Game Code Name: X Announced

A mobile spinoff of the storied RPG series Persona has been announced by Perfect World Games, along with a trailer.

Reaction to Code Name X is this a Person 5 spinoff?

Well this game randomly popped up out of no where and just totally shocked me when I seen it, I normally don’t do shot videos like this but I had to because people who are the fans of this series have to know about this game. Enter the world of 2 and show off your strategy skills! Join the fun at

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Persona 5 NEW GAME? Chinese Rip Off? CODE NAME: X Trailer REACTION + Info Roundup | DC News

Hey what’s up everyone, let’s quickly talk about Perfect World Games new game being Code Name X which looks like a Persona 5 rip-off, but there is a lot of confusion around the game, is it official? We’ll have to keep a close watch on this one.

Gematsu Article:

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Persona Mobile Game – Code Name: X Official Trailer

Perfect World Game Strategy Press Conference 2021 revealed a new mobile game ‘Code Name: X’ which is actually a mobile version of the popular Persona franchise. For now, this is announced for China only.

Once the game is announced for global release, we’ll surely cover the news at –

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Persona 5 “Gacha” Game Announcement!!! Code Name X

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