The Pokemon Legends: Arceus Box Art Sure Looks A Lot Like Breath Of The Wild’s Cover

Corporate needs you to find the differences between Breath of the Wild’s box art and the cover for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

I shouldn’t have evolved this shiny starter Pokemon ��

Pokemon Legends new Hisuian starter Pokemon are nice but some of the shiny ones… yeah.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus MERIT POINT Farm, Evolution Items, Tips & Tricks!

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Here’s how to farm Merit points in Pokemon Legends Arceus so you can buy items from Simona.

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How to Kill a $90 Billion Game Franchise – Why Pokemon Legends Arceus Looks TERRIBLE

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As a massive pokemon fan, I was super excited to hear about the announcement of a new open world pokemon game Pokemon Legends: Archeus. I was super excited to check out the graphics of the game.

However…there is a huge elephant in the room we need to talk about. You may have noticed the new pokemon game looks…different…well – it looks terrible. So terrible in fact, that forbes actually released an article talking about the poor design of the game.

From the sparse and barren landscape, to the washed out color and textures, there are so many issues I have with this game already.

And as a channel about game art, I felt compelled to talk about this game – and hopefully have a good discussion with you guys about what makes good environment art, and what exactly makes this game look so terrible.


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Our trusted line for many seasons proves too good it makes everyone quit!! A funny way to hit legend rank ��
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