The Town Of Light Review

The Town of Light examines mental illnesses and the hospitals meant to treat them in the early 1900s, but ultimately fails to stick the landing.

The Town of Light Review Gameplay [PS4]

The Town of Light is a story driven game that doesn’t need any supernatural elements to leave you with a powerful, lasting impression.

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The Town of Light PC gameplay and impressions – Urban exploration meets psychological horror

The Town of Light is a psychological thriller/horror game set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Our resident evil, Ian has managed to grab a hands on with a 20 minute gameplay demo and in this video you can see some lovely PC gameplay and hear his first impressions.
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Grimbeard Diaries – The Town of Light (PC) – Review

Memories haunt a tortured woman, and I play a game about memories haunting a tortured woman.

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The Town of Light – Review


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